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Version 2.0 - WITH 100+ NEW BONUS PAGES!

This book costs as much as you think it's worth!

Select an amount you'd like to pay on the right, and then download the complete pdf zip file

With 380+ pages, and over 1000 high resolution images, updated 2.0 Ebook is now the full story of the process and journey of my GBWC entry, my custom MG Zeta Plus C1. I spent sometime writing about the beginnings, the journey, the competition and my end feelings of the project to create a 'Story' section at the beginning of the book.


The book covers topics including:


- Reshaping

- Panel lining

- Chisel detailing

- Magnet part attachment

- Part extension

- Part reduction

- Putty and priming

- Joint swapping


+10 Story pages - Newly written, I describe what the process and journey was like, the competition and what's next.

+ 110 masking and paint process photos - Showing what a multiple shade paint job can be like to do.

+ 90 final gallery photos - All of the outside and lightbox photos of the Zeta in one place.

NOTE: Download file is a 300MB Zip file.

After purchase you will also be sent an email with a 30 day download link in case you have any troubles downloading. Please test the download link on multiple devices if you have any troubles.


Enjoy and thank you for supporting my work!



  • Once purchased, you will be given a downloadable link URL for the Zeta book!

  • Trouble downloading the file? After purchase, if you have trouble downloading the file, please send me a message here on my website and I will reply with a new download link:



Zeta book $1
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