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The fat bellbottom legs, the pig nose, the asymmetry. That's an MS only a mother could love.


And somehow in the 3 years since discovering gundam, I suddenly must have turned into a mum because I'm smitten with this MS design. I built the high grade green version and I dug it so much.


This is a recreaton of the box art, and the pose has a dynamicism I can't get enough of.

This was the second time I tried recreating a beam sabre's beam light in negative space, and I had a tonne of fun doing this drawing with a semi cartoonish style by giving it a bold out line that pops.


I nearly forgot, I drew this in Japan! I was on a solo trip in 2013 and at cafes all through Kyoto, Tokyo, Osaka and Nara, I would add little pieces to this fella. So it has a little soft spot for me. The ink is mixed with genuine Japanese air. Ha!


Fun moment: That smudge on the back of it's helmet, and on the spike shoulder? That's genuine japanese spilled Ramen sauce under that ink.



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