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Now THIS is a gundam face!


I had drawn about 10 full body mecha pieces, and I felt like going with a big close up framed piece. And the best faces in gundam are on real grade kits.


I think this has got to have the best gundam-esque face of all, so it was a clear choice for me.


This fella was a tricky one to draw. Big areas that need consistent shading are difficult as the wider the motion of the pen, the more of a 'curve' the pen lines gain. (the pen sort of turns into a compass at these distances).

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So I had a good challenge to shade the big areas and still keeping the straight style shading and boy I learned alot.


I love this picture because I get to see all the up close details of the gundam, the cheek vents, the tiny grille in the faceplate vents, and the metallic chrome vulcan machine guns!


Fun moment: Getting the eyes to have that glow. Oh man!

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