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A newly imagined redesign of the Barbatos Lupus, with a more mechanical, boxy Universal Century feel.


I really liked the Barbatos Lupus' design, the proportions were over the top with the skinny waist, super long legs and high heels, and those big shoulders oh man!

I hadn't done a re-design before, so I wondered if I could reimagine the Lupus to be boxier, with more angles and a more RX 78-2 feel.

This is also my first full digital gundam art piece, done in photoshop using a Wacom tablet. I thought "oh this is digital, it'll be way faster than my usual drawings...'. BAH! Yeah right!! I ended up spending even more time on it than any of my past peices!


I sketched armour ideas over the CG art, testing new shapes and forms, slowly refining the new shape. I used panel and armour shape ideas from Master Archive books, (the torso has an upside down crotch piece of the RX 78-2! Ha ha!).

Even though it's digital, I still drew it just like any other tangible drawing. I tested out various pencil-like brushes in photoshop because even though it was digital, I wanted it to retain a hand drawn feel.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I loved makin it!


Thanks to it being a digital piece, I was able to explore some different aesthetics and offer four print variants for sale!


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